If you have a small house and want to improve it rather than move home, you should consider making the home appear larger. Adding mirrors to a small place is going to create an illusion that there is more room than what is really there. The best place you can place a mirror is on the wall behind the sofa. You can also become creative by adding multiple mirrors which form various patterns.

Create a focal point. Whether it is a patterned rug, a piece of art of a cool sofa, you need to have a focal point in the room. Your guests are going to be attracted to the focal point that they will not notice hoe small your house is. Rugs and carpets also draw attention to the floor and also set a palate for the lamps, sofa and coffee tables.

Use multipurpose furniture. Divan beds with storage space that have drawers beneath the mattress are ideal for more organization and also saving space. Furniture covers that double as a pet throw will also save you the hassle of buying many throw pillows for your furry friends.

There is no reason why your household tools, your jewelry, your bank statements and other documents should be in the same drawer. You should organize your drawer in order to do away with clutter. Of course no one is going to see your drawers but you. However, when you organize your junk, it is going to save you a lot of time when you go and look for items such as your car keys.

Add shelving space. Not only do shelves provide space for things such as books, it also provides one with some additional space for decorating. Knickknacks, picture frames and flower arrangements are going to add an extra touch of personality to your home while also creating some additional space and organization to a room.

Use the above home improvement ideas for small houses to improve your home.