Whether you have an outside or indoor bird aviary, protecting them against predators is paramount. Insects, rodents, and wild birds can create a harmful environment, that affects your aviary birds with disease causing organisms and can disrupt their breeding environment. Maintaining an outdoor aviary allows your birds more space to move around in and it gives them a natural environment that provides fresh air and vitamin D3, through unfiltered sunlight.

Devising the right structure for outdoor aviaries, will prevent predators from disrupting the birds, while giving them a happy environment and it will give the birds some protection. For example, a perimeter wall made from concrete with a wire framework keeps predators on the outside from climbing around it. Rodents, mosquitoes, or snakes that can gain entry in even the smallest crack, can be kept out with a 3 layer wire, screening system.

There are various types of cage fronts. The first layer is the interior wire for the aviary birds, the second layer is away from your birds, then there is a predator wire which will keep raccoons, mice or squirrels from chewing through it. Galvanized welded wire cloth that has a smaller gauge like 1/4” x 1/4” is best, because anything else, like 1/2” of space, rodents can chew through easily. Even though each aviary will be different, depending on the species of birds, the basics remain the same whether you are buying budgie cage fronts or canary cage fronts.

With layering wires, owners can keep predators from getting to the birds or their eggs, especially on the roof and sides. For inside placement, keep the perches away from being placed right next to the wire. Other protection ideas for your bird aviary include digging your aviary bottom about 6 inches deep and installing wire all the way down.

Believe it or not, you can also use burglar alarm technology and automated lights to keep predators, including human intruders out of your aviary. Prevention is better than trying to rid your aviary area of a predator. The right prevention help to keep an aviculturist’s valuable winged pets safe and secure for hours of fun and enjoyment.