Many items have been found through the course of history which reveals humans have been advocates of personal grooming for thousands of years. Although in the past it was the females of the race who spent time and money on their appearance, these days there are many products and beauty services also aimed at men. With both sexes ready to spend money on their appearance, many beauty salons do extremely good business, and opening a salon is something to be considered if you are looking for a lucrative business, and have an interest and knowledge in this field. However, unlike opening regular hairdressers, or a shop selling beauty products, opening a beauty salon when you provide treatments like quality eyelash extensions or injecting dermal fillers requires a variety of beauty salon equipment that is needed to perform various treatments.

Furniture for a beauty salon

When buying furniture for your beauty salon, you will need to buy items that look stylish and are at a certain time hard wearing, because hopefully you will have a lot of customers sitting on them each and every day. There are two types of furnishings you will need for a beauty salon; those that will be used in the reception and waiting area, and those that will actually be used for treatments. If your budget will run to higher-end beauty couches for therapies, you should consider a couch that is fully flexible with electric functionality. This type of furniture can be used for all treatments ranging from a massage where a flatbed is required, to make up treatments where the client is sitting upright and looking ahead. These types of couches are especially useful if you are limited for space, as you do not need to purchase several different items of furniture for the respective treatments.


Although it is a basic item, many therapists will tell you their beauty trolley is one of the most important items in the workplace. The best beauty trolleys are on wheels, and can be moved easily from one section of the salon to another. Without a trolley a therapist would have to be up and down like a yo-yo fetching different items as they were needed. A beauty trolley allows you to keep all the small items for many different treatments in one convenient place. When buying a beauty trolley it is a good idea to look for a laminated surface that can be cleaned easily in the event that strong lotions or chemical substances are spilled.

Beauty lamps

There are a number of dedicated types of machinery available for hire or purchase and manufacturers especially for professionals and those that you choose will depend largely upon the treatments you decide to offer in your salon. However, one item that you will see in just about all beauty salons is the beauty mag lamp. These lamps allow you to look at the face or hands through a magnifying glass which makes it very easy to determine what type of skin your client has, so you can choose the right products or treatment to apply. Without using a magnifying lamp this would be very difficult; and the beauty magnifying lamp is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for a salon although it is somewhat basic compared to other devices that are commonly used in salons today.