Are you scared that someone might go through your important file while it is in transit? Or maybe you are worried that some anti-social elements may steal some of your goods or sample as they are being transported by courier? To put all these concerns and worries behind you, you need to get in touch with a renowned mailer courier bags supplier for some peace of mind. These bags are tamper-proof and will indicate such if someone makes an effort at opening it.

The usefulness of tamper-proof envelopes

These bags are important in the day to day running of personal and business mailing and for transporting other items such as:

  • Samples
  • Brochures
  • Important office documents
  • Correspondence letters
  • Confidential articles and documents
  • Fragile items

Tamper evident courier envelops and bags come in handy when you want to secure cash, documents, personal effects and other valuable items you want to transport. If you are looking for a good courier,

Features of tamper-proof bags

  • The bags are produced from 75 microns co-extruded LDPE films
  • It comes with a tape that can signify if the goods have been tampered with or not. You can choose from type 1 to type 4 depending on your requirement
  • Unique serial numbering and barcoding for classification and trouble-free storage of the sealed valuables
  • Comes with double sealing to leave no room for tampering of any sort

You can have these bags customized to meet your specification. You can have it custom-printed and produced in different colors to meet with your business brand. You can choose from different types of bags such as collection bag, moneybag, courier bag, coin pouches, offering bag, funeral bag, coin bag, locking courier-transport bag, and locking bank deposit bag.

You can get different suppliers of tamper-proof bags online. You have a better chance of choosing from a variety of products when you shop online unlike shopping in the local market. There is also this assurance that you are buying from a supplier who has been in the business and has a positive reputation for selling high-quality bags. Another pro to buying online is that you get to compare prices from different suppliers and settling for the one with a fair rate.

No need to shuffle through what you don’t want as you do with local stores. You will be able to go straight to what you are looking for without wasting money, time and energy. And you get to do all these from the comfort of your office or home with your mobile phone or computer.

In conclusion

All security bags have void tapes and tamper evident closing system. These bags and envelopes are sealed the moment you place all the items inside the bag. If there is any tampering of the bag, the tamper evidence will signify so. You get to see such words like “VOID,” “OPENED” or “STOP” revealed when the bag is tampered with. The bags can only be used once. It takes about 4 weeks to get a custom version of tamper-proof security envelops.