One of the more desirable, and fascinating regions of the Costa Blanca has to be the delightful town of Jávea, based around an hour north of the famous town of Alicante. As well documented the beauty and culture of this historic region may be, there are certain advantages to be had for the discerning, or prospective, property investor to be had in this beautiful town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Very well served by regional international airports and train lines, Jávea offers an excellent location to make a property investment suitable for both portfolio and personal use. For a region that over it’s long history has been party to many cultures, and central to trade in the western Mediterranean, Jávea must be included among most stunning gems of the Alicante coastline and a great place for those interested in making a quick house sale profits.

The town itself is a superb blend of modern Spanish flair, and the timeless architectural and cultural influences that make it such a unique destination. Featuring a consistently delightful climate for the majority of the year – and only slightly below that for the off-peak months – the cooling breeze from the sea gives the town a sense of tranquility that many others have lost in the huddle for construction along the Costa.

Jávea has been developed with a very conscious determination to ensure that the coastline and history of the town are protected as an utmost importance, to preserve the views and scenery for future generations. This cautious approach has made the area perfect to explore the outdoors – and where else is there to be in such a climate! The terrain offers magnificent walking, cycling and excursions to match all standards, coupled with what many propose to be the most sublime waters in the Mediterranean for sailing and fishing. With fabulous restaurants, nightlife accompanied by the famously warm Spanish greeting, as a destination there is no doubt thatJávea will remain a popular destination for many years to come.

To invest in property is more straight forward than may be expected if you are looking for bargain properties on the Costa Blanca, as the region warmly welcomes investors from across the globe and will offer professional standards that may be bypassed in larger, less discerning resorts. For investment purposes the region is fairly priced when considering that there will not be any lack of people wishing to visit a town that offers a distinct, yet highly accessible, alternative to others in the Mediterranean.

Should an investor wish to part rent over the year and use the premises as an occasional holiday location there is a highly tuned professional rental market of estate agents in Javea that look after properties, and their heritage, to the same exclusive standard that a buyer would expect. In a market that s ever growing, catering to ever discerning customers, it is a truly premier destination to invest within – but then we’ve known that for centuries.