Are you writing for the Web or designing a webpage but don’t know where to start with keyword research? Consider hiring a marketing firm like, or otherwise use Google Adwords as a key resource.

If you have decided to run a website or blog for commercial gain, a great way to increase profitability and to make more money on the Web is by using the Google AdWords tool to do keyword research. While the Google AdWords tool is a great bonus for any webmaster looking to take part in the AdSense program, the benefits of the tool are also applicable to anyone simply looking to increase traffic to a given website.

What is the Google Adwords Tool?

The AdWords tool allows users to search for specific keywords and phrases, for which the tool will then give a number of pieces of key data. In essence, the tool allows a webmaster to find out the popularity of a keyword or search term amongst both advertisers and those surfing the Web. The tool also allows webmasters to ascertain other key data, which may be of interest if taking part in the AdSense program such as, the value of keyword (CPC) and competition amongst advertisers.

Key Data Obtainable From Google Adwords

While the AdWords tool provides a whole array of options, the following standard fields exist, which will help webmasters to choose appropriate keywords when designing a website or page of Web content.

Competition – This is the competition amongst advertisers for a keyword, higher levels of competition should eventually lead to higher keyword value (CPC) in accordance with the laws of supply and demand.

Global Monthly Searches – The total number of searches for a given keyword or phrase in any one month.

Local Monthly Searches – The total number of searches for a given keyword of phrase in any one month, in the user’s current region.

Approximate CPC – This gives an idea as to the value of a keyword expressed as a cost per click or CPC. If using the Google AdSense program, this is not the final figure the webmaster will receive per click as the webmaster only receives a percentage of the proceeds generated.

Using Data From Google AdWords to Make Money

Even if a webmaster does not intend to use Google AdSense, the real value of the tool is that it allows the webmaster to see what people are searching for. As such, this will then allow a webmaster to create content and pages which are deliberately targeted at an audience with highly searched for keywords and phrases.

Another key feature is the ability to review the results generated by the search engine for a given keyword or phrase. To do this, the researcher simply clicks on the keyword or phrase, which will then search for the term in Google.

The number of search results retained represents the level of competition for a keyword or phrase. However, this is the level of competition in terms of being found by a reader, not to be confused with the competition indicator which considers the level of completion amongst advertisers for a keyword. In general terms, webmasters should aim to create content and pages for which there are a low number of results, thus increasing the possibility of being found by a reader.

Choosing the Perfect Keywords with Google AdWords Data

While the perfect keyword or phrase may not exist, the most profitable keywords will have the following attributes according to Google AdWords data:

Competition – High, this should lead to a high long term CPC which is important to those using AdSense to generate an income.

Searches – High, traffic can only be built if people are actually searching for what a website is offering.

CPC – High, This is important to those using AdSense, as the higher the CPC, the more mony a webmaster will receive for each click.

Results – Low, few competitors offering similar results can lead to high levels of traffic and high search engine rankings.