The fireplace is now becoming the true focal point of the lounge. Fireplaces were replaced by televisions a few years ago but now im glad to say the the fireplace is getting back its proper position in the home. There are all sorts of sizes and shapes and some are rectangular or a bit lower than a normal fireplace due to placing a TV above it. There are so many different types of contemporary and modern fireplaces and all types of multi fuel stoves; something for everyone, no matter what your taste.

There are the traditional fireplaces that are made out of wood, stone or marble. There are others that are just a frame that holds a faceplate that looks like a computer screen. Fireplaces can hold wood, coal, or gas fires and you can even put pebbles or spa stones in them. A fireplace doesn’t have to cost a lot as you can even make one yourself from old bricks and either paint them the same colour as the wall or decor or leave the bricks as they are.

There are fireplaces that are oblong or have glass that glitters and these type of fireplaces are designed to fit in with modern decor. Interior designers can give a client a linear fireplace which is around 6ft wide and rectangular in shape and this tends to streamline the shape to compliment the TV, which you can put a couple of feet about it. A fireplace creates an area while you want to go straight to when you come in from a cold winters day to warm up your hands. It is also romantic where a couple can sit and cuddle in front of it.

A fireplace isnt just about heat and light anymore, it is about actually being the centre of the home and when you think of it, the whole seating area in a room is usually arranged around the fireplace. On the mantlepiece you can arrange pictures or anything else that you want on show. Nothing beats the crackling of a wood burning fire on a cold night as there is something soothing about it. There are gas fires that have a push button ignition and now you can hardly spot any difference between a gas fire and a real fire. A lot of fireplaces are gas fueled and direct vented which means that they don’t require any chimney as the vents are installed through an outside wall.

Whatever design of fireplace you decide on, there is nothing quite like it to give warmth to a room.